Sunday at Home – 28 June

Sunday at Home – 28 June

In the absence of normal services, please see our fifteenth “virtual update” as we spend this Sunday at home. This week’s update includes a new sermon preached by guest preacher Gareth Edwards.

In this week’s sermon, Gareth draws our attention to the book of Esther and the Sovereign in charge during a sobering time. Gareth also gives a brief update at the start of his sermon on his work for the Christian Institute within Wales.

You can either watch the video recording from Gareth or click the link below to listen to this as just an audio recording or visit our Sermon page to listen to more.

God’s Sovereignty in Sobering Times

You might also like to listen to this fitting hymn:
“A Sovereign Protector I Have”

We warmly welcome you to listen again online next week.
Please get in contact with us if there is any way we as a church can help you during these days.