Sunday at Home – 19 July

Sunday at Home – 19 July

In the absence of normal services, please see our eighteenth “virtual update” as we spend this Sunday at home. This week’s update includes a new audio sermon and a suggested hymn.

In this week’s sermon, we will consider part two of a message we started two weeks ago regarding how Christians ought to worship the Lord in exceptional times.
Click the link below to listen to this latest sermon or visit our Sermon page to listen to more.

Worship in Exceptional Times – Part 2

You might also like to listen to this timeless hymn:
“Amazing Grace”
The hymn can be sung either to the tune “Belmont” or perhaps the more familiar tune “New Britain” – see either video below.

We warmly welcome you to listen again online next week.
Please get in contact with us if there is any way we as a church can help you during these days.

We will be having in-person worship services restored in early August. Do stay in touch for further updates as we prepare for the resumption of more normal worship.