Sunday at Home – 2 August

Sunday at Home – 2 August

In the absence of normal services, please see our twentieth “virtual update” as we spend this Sunday at home. This week’s update includes a new audio sermon and suggested hymn.

In this week’s sermon, we will consider the life of King Hezekiah who helped the nation of Judah restore worship in his day – which is fitting for us as a church as we prepare for worship being restored in the coming week.
Click the link below to listen to this latest sermon or visit our Sermon page to listen to more.

Restoring Worship

You might also like to listen to this stirring hymn calls us all as believers to worship the Lord!
Stand Up & Bless the Lord

Next week we will be having our first restored services since the lockdown at the Rock Baptist Church.

You can find out more about these meeting by following this link to our latest announcement.

In the meantime, please get in contact with us if there is any way we as a church can help you during these days.