Sunday at Home – 8 November

Sunday at Home – 8 November

In our third week of Welsh lockdown, please see our twenty-third “virtual update” as we spend this Sunday at home. This week’s update includes two videos – a short children’s address and a new sermon. As always there are also some suggested hymns for your worship at home.

Find out a bit about rainbows and remembrance this Sunday!

In this week’s sermon, we consider the endurance demonstrated by saints of old and required of all who profess faith in Christ today.
You can either watch the video link below or click to hear just the audio of this sermon. Also there is a link to our main sermon page as well.

Endurance by Faith

You might also like to listen to these suggested hymns:
Far Off I See the Goal
sung by Llanelli Free Evangelical Church
A Debtor to Mercy Alone
sung by the Metropolitan Tabernacle

Next week, God willing we shall return to our in-person services at the Rock Baptist Church and we will be posting online sermon recordings after the service. Further details to be announced in due course.
Please get in contact with us if there is any way we as a church can help you during these days.