Covid 19 - Latest Adjustments

Last updated 28 February 2022 - Covid Level 0

We warmly welcome all to our church and Sunday school services.

With the Covid restrictions gradually easing, we have updated our Covid risk assessment and our reminders regarding the measures noted below.

Hand sanitiser is provided throughout the building. We encourage you to santise your hands regularly when visiting the chapel premises.

If you would like to be seated socially-distanced (with 2 metre distance), the chapel has ample room for us to accommodate that. Most of us have been used to sitting and operating this way and will always respect those who wish to still maintain this distance within and without the chapel.

We no longer operate a one way system within the chapel but as noted above, there is sufficient space for those to practise social distance should anyone feel safer doing so.

Facemasks are no longer required by law within churches in Wales. We will respect everyone’s individual choice to wear or not wear a mask. The deacons will be wearing masks during the sharing of the Lord’s Table until further notice.

Anyone displaying known Covid symptoms (high temperature, continuous cough, loss or change of taste / smell) is encouraged to isolate at home and not attend church or the Sunday school until they feel well enough to do so.

For further information, please see our risk assessment below or contact us with any questions.